We Care for Adults of All Ages

To address the health concerns of adults requires a complete understanding of the problems that arise as we mature. Doctors of Internal Medicine are doctors who focus on the treatment and prevention of adult diseases. We do not treat children, deliver babies or do surgery. Internists can be your primary care doctors. We treat the whole adult patient.

Dr. Melissa George has extensive experience diagnosing and treating adult health problems. She is a caring doctor that understands the concerns of adults of all ages. Her clinic's goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, and personalized healthcare while also emphasizing a preventive, healthy lifestyle to improve quality of life.

As the medical field becomes more complex, it is reassuring to patients that they have someone to turn to for advice and guidance. Dr. George's expertise includes the ability to promptly diagnose and treat most acute medical illness, as well as manage chronic medical problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure. She also performs routine annual physical exams including Pap smears and well woman exams.

By offering comprehensive medical services along with personal attention and care whenever the need arises, she hopes to serve as your Primary Care Physician for many years. Thank you for considering Hill Country Medical Clinic for your health care needs!

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